REAL FRAT | Fratty Music Mixes | Frat Hard, Frat Often | was created for those frat stars everywhere that are too busy golfing, running up ridiculous bar tabs and chugging Fratty Lights on game days to pay attention to what new music sorostitutes enjoy partying to. At we have taken the time to research and compile the freshest mixes to ensure that every time you are going to rage and frat it up, you can count on us to keep the beats flowing. Our mixes are constantly scrutinized and updated by a team of professional fratologists to make sure that overplayed songs are ousted, and that big hits will be highlighted before the clubs ruin them. We provide many mixes for a variety of fractivities ranging from party music (RealFrat Party), to gym music (Get Big), to loft rocking music (Lets Bang). was created by frat stars and for frat stars, (but anyone can use it, itís pretty sweet). Itís a convenient resource for many occasions. We currently offer a few pieces of commentary that accompany different mixes, such as shots or dances, which will updated frequently, and eventually will be content that is generated by our users. We will be adding more features to the site as we expand it in the coming weeks, but we will stay true to the simplicity of sweet music to help you frat hard. Frat hard, Frat often.

Stay Fratty America.

Fratty McFratterson